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Working Principle Of Aerial Work Platform
May 08, 2017

Hydraulic oil vane pumps form a certain pressure, through the oil filter, flameproof electromagnetic reversing valve, throttle valve, liquid control one-way valve, balancing valves into the bottom of the liquid cylinder, so that the piston upward movement of the liquid cylinder, lifting heavy weights, the upper end of the cylinder back oil through the explosion-proof electromagnetic reversing valve, its rated pressure through the overflow valve adjusted to observe the pressure gauge reading values.

The piston of the liquid cylinder moves downward (both the weight drops). Hydraulic oil by explosion-proof electromagnetic directional valve to enter the upper end of the liquid cylinder, the lower end of the liquid oil through the balance valve, liquid control one-way valve, throttle valves, flameproof electromagnetic reversing valve back to the tank.

In order to reduce the weight of a smooth, safe and reliable braking, in the back of the oil circuit to set the balance valve, balancing the loop, keep the pressure, so that the speed of descent from heavy weight change, by throttling valve regulating flow, control lifting speed.