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What Is A Scissor Lift,do You Know?
Sep 20, 2017

Industrial lifts have traditionally been in use in manufacturing and production settings to raise and lower people, work pieces and materials. The scissor lift, sometimes known as a table lift, is an industrial lift that has been modified for retail and wholesale settings. Customers perusing the aisles of a large retail store in the late evening hours have no doubt seen one, if not realized what it was. In basic terms, the scissor lift is platform with wheels that acts like a forklift. In a non-industrial setting, it is useful for completing tasks which require the speed, mobility and transporting of people and material above ground level.

The scissor lift is unique in that it doesn't use a straight support to raise workers into the air. Rather, the platform raises when the linked, folding supports underneath it draw together, stretching it upward. When extended, the scissor lift reaches anywhere from 21 to 62 feet (6.4 to 18.8 meters) above ground, depending on its size and purpose. It can be powered by hydraulics or an electric motor, but it's a bumpy ride to the top. The lift's design keeps it from traveling with a constant velocity, instead traveling faster in the middle of its journey and slower with more extension.