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What Are Automatic Forklift Used For
Nov 27, 2017

Automatic forklift can walk at different heights, and can be continuous, forward, back and other operating platforms. This product is made of high-quality steel, laser welding electronic robot single-sided double-sided molding process, Italy imported hydraulic pump station and Anshan hydraulic pump joint venture, space cartridge valve technology, the platform is equipped with safety plate level alarm, balance valve, Automatic alarm devices and other platforms safe, durable, operation up to 12 meters high, weight 300 kg, fence level can be expanded, greatly expand the scope of work, the machine warranty for one year, five years warranty of key components for the factory floor in the airport, Plaza, parks and other halls have higher than the needs of customers.

Car scissor lift: set in the second round of traction and four-wheel mobile chassis chassis using a car, tricycle or battery car chassis, using the default engine or DC power supply, and driving can be mainly used in urban construction, oil fields , Transportation, municipal services, aerial work and other industries.