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Safety Quality Requirements For Lifts
May 08, 2017

Although the elevator is very convenient, but the elevator relates to a lot of safety problems, if not a certain quality requirements are absolutely not possible, the elevator safety quality requirements Classification A lot, we have a brief introduction today.

1, elevator protection device, requirements in the power, oil circuit, such as failure, to have to prevent the table from falling out of control of the safety device (allow controlled descent)

2, lifting platform sinking, the maximum weight of the workbench under the lifting stroke of any height in the scope of the table in 20min, the amount of sinking should not exceed 10.

3, weld, not allowed to burn wear, weld longitudinal, transverse, maternal metal does not allow cracks, continuous weld can not be interrupted, the squamous ripple stroke should be evenly.

4, lifting institutions, should ensure that the work table smooth lifting, jumping off the phenomenon of movements, the movement of parts should be flexible, no axle and noise.

Above is the elevator safety quality requirements, the elevator is related to the safety of special equipment, we should be strictly in accordance with the quality requirements of production, to ensure the safe use of users.