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Safety Procedures For Construction Lifts
Oct 25, 2017

Safety procedures for construction lifts

1, the construction of the lift should be the dual-use elevator, the installation and demolition work must be made by the construction administrative department issued a disassembly qualification certificate of the professional team responsible for, and must be professionally trained to obtain the operation of the professional staff to operate and service. In the case of

2, the rack and gear, guide wheel and guide rail are connected to normal; (3), the Ministry of steel wire rope (2), the rack and gear, guide wheel and guide rail are connected to normal; (3), the Ministry of wire rope Fixed well, no abnormal wear; (4), within the scope of operation without barriers. In the case of

3, before starting, should check and confirm the cable, ground wire intact, control switch at zero. After the cable is connected, check and confirm the voltage is normal, should be tested without leakage phenomenon. Should test and confirm the limit device, ladder cage, fence door, etc. electrical interlock device is good and reliable, electrical instrument sensitive and effective. After the start, should be carried out without load test, the determination of the efficiency of the brake mechanism of the transmission, to confirm the normal before they can start operations. 4, the lift in the first class load operation, when the ladder cage from the ground 1 ~ 2m, the test should stop the reliability of the brake; when found that the braking effect is bad, should be adjusted or repair before running. In the case of

5, ladder cage by the people or the load, the load should be evenly distributed, not heavy. Do not overload operation.