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Lifting Platforms Are The Most Used In Those Industries
Nov 01, 2017

Today, mechanical lift equipment in the domestic market is developing rapidly, thanks to China's economic reform and opening up and rapid growth in market demand, regardless of any industry in China are at a starting point to the high point of the development process. And mechanical equipment is the development of the most important demand, whether it is high-altitude platform, or road machinery and equipment have a strong market demand, with the advancement of China's urbanization and market-oriented continuous reform, the potential market also Very broad.

So for the lifting equipment, especially mechanical lifting equipment, in the process of enterprise development needs more and more, and China is now "the world factory", plant everywhere, for the transport of goods and loading and unloading equipment and handling equipment The demand. Naturally demand soared!

We take the platform as an example, in the context of the domestic market demand for the case, those industries the largest demand? Xiaobian here to share with you

First of all, the warehouse, workshop, these places is the need for frequent cargo transport and handling of infested places, but also the most used cargo turnover, the general warehouse has two to three, the goods stacked in the second and third floor, in order to loading and unloading convenience, Install the lift platform is the best choice, take the stairs is the worst choice! Installation of the elevator can also, but the cost of cost is too high, the general small and medium enterprises is difficult to burden, and choose to install the platform in many enterprises is preferred, more than 80% of enterprises. And because the lift platform type, model full, can provide lifting platform, chain lift platform, fixed lifting platform and other suitable for the factory plant installation type, the most important thing is to use the security, easy installation, easy maintenance, The key is cheaper!

Secondly, the airport, the terminal, the garage of these places using the lifting platform is also more places, and is necessary equipment. In the garage, such as: car 4S shop, exhibition hall and some high-end villa underground parking and multi-storey car park, etc., as a result of manufacturing car lift platform has a strong structure, strong bearing capacity, stable stability, easy installation, easy maintenance, Long and so on. Adapt to high fixed frequency continuous operation. The price relative to the enterprise lift platform prices higher, relative to the elevator or cost-effective.

Finally, the production line, material lines, usually these platforms also need to use the platform platform equipment, the use of up to a single-layer scissors arm lift platform in a variety of production and logistics areas to solve the problem of cargo transport and loading and unloading, although the platform Small size, bearing tonnage is small, but the demand is large, the use of large, in various production lines plant workshop is very widely used.