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Lifting Operation Technology And Safety Precautions For Aerial Work Platforms
Oct 18, 2017

Lifting operation technology and safety precautions for aerial work platforms

(1) Close the ground power supply Separate power switch, close the bottom cage and cage door, close the three-phase switch inside the cage, and then press the direction of the button, the construction lift start (joystick should push the joystick To the direction of the direction and to stay in this position). Push button switch Press "zero" position construction lift parking (joystick hand a loose automatic parking), in the top and bottom of the construction of the elevator docking station is not allowed by the limit switch to limit the board to automatically stop. In the case of

(2) for the variable construction of the lift, the construction lift before the stop, the switch should be transferred to the low gear and then stop. In the case of

(3) construction lifts in the first run of each class, must be from the lowest level, is strictly prohibited from top to bottom. When the cage from the ground 1 ~ 2m, to stop the test brake performance. Such as the occurrence of abnormal, timely restoration of normal and reliable rear use. In the case of

(4) the cage by the people, loading, the load should be evenly distributed to prevent the emphasis; is strictly prohibited overload operation by people, do not load, the rated load of not more than 12 per ton; cage top can not man or cargo (Except for installation and dismantling). In the case of

(5) construction lifts should be equipped with sensitive and reliable communication device, and command closely linked, according to signal operation. Before starting the alarm must sound the alarm, in the construction of the elevator stopped at high or in the ground before the power switch is not cut off, the operator shall not leave the operating position, is strictly prohibited without a license. In the case of

(6) construction of the lift in the operation, such as the discovery of mechanical abnormalities, should immediately stop and take effective measures to the ladder cage down to the bottom, troubleshooting can continue to run. In the operation found that the electrical out of control, you should immediately press the emergency stop button, without troubleshooting, not open the emergency stop button. Maintenance should be carried out by professionals, are not allowed to overhaul. Such as temporary maintenance is not good, in the ride should try to send the first cage (through the cage top sunroof entrance into the scaffolding or floor)