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Lift The Aerial Work Platform Before The Operation Should Focus On Routine Maintenance And Inspection
Oct 18, 2017

Lift the aerial work platform before the operation should focus on routine maintenance and inspection. Before the operation should focus on inspection of the project are:

(1) before the start of inspection: then zero ground wire, cable, cable guide, buffer spring should be intact; mechanical parts without leakage, safety devices, electrical instrument sensitive and effective. In the case of

(2) Construction lifts Standard sections, cage (ladder cage) The overall structure of the surface should be no deformation, corrosion; standard section connecting bolts without loosening and lack of bolts. In the case of

(3) drive the transmission part of the work should be smooth no sound, gear box without oil leakage phenomenon. In the case of

(4) The structure of the ministries should be deformed, the connecting bolts are not loose, the nodes are not open (off) welding phenomenon, the wire rope is fixed and the lubrication is good, the operation scope is obstacle, the assembly is accurate, the wall is firm and meets the design request. Unloading station (channel mouth) formation, safety doors complete, both sides of the border tightly guarded. In the case of

(5) the various parts of the wire rope without broken wire, wear excessive phenomenon, fixture, rigging complete fit meet the requirements. In the case of

(6) gears, racks, rails, guide rollers and lubrication points to maintain good lubrication. In the case of

(7) the use of safety anti-dropper must be in the validity period, more than the date of calibration to be timely identification or replacement (no calibration should be recorded for the record). Construction of the elevator brake adjustment to be moderate, too loose cage load parking will produce a slip, too tight will speed up the brake pads wear. In the case of

(8) construction lift up and down running within the trip without obstacles, ultra-high limit sensitive and reliable. Surrounded by cage around the steel wire, not allowed to use the board around the wind, especially in the winter. The use of plate wind, will increase the cage (ladder cage) shaking, unfavorable to the construction lift.