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High-altitude Operations In Line With European Standards A CE Certification
Dec 22, 2017

Aerial work platform in line with European standards a CE certification

CE certification for aerial work platforms is a certification issued by Europe, aerial work platform to do

This certification needs to be certified MD mechanical certification, pressure equipment PED certification, noise certification

Etc. According to the structure of different types of aerial work platforms, different CE certification is required

Test items.

Aerial work platform (Aerial workplatform is to serve the high-altitude operations in various industries,

Equipment installation, maintenance and other mobility of aerial work products. Aerial work platform related products

Mainly include: scissor aerial work platform, vehicle-mounted aerial work platform, crank arm aerial work

Industry platform, self-propelled aerial work platforms, aluminum aerial work platform, set of high-altitude cylinder

Industry platform six categories.

Aerial platform common security requirements and measures of verification:

1.Design check

2.Manufacturing inspection

3.MEYP is stable;

4.MEYP structure is reasonable;

5. All functions are working properly and safely;

6. logo complete and appropriate, reasonable