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Features Of Crank Arm Lift
Dec 22, 2017

The Crank arm type upper working platform can be divided into two kinds: straight arm and curved arm

The operating platform is designed with multi-level folding arms, flexible and convenient, and can span certain obstacles

Move up and down for more jobs. The safety is better, mobile is convenient, but cost is tall. High altitude operating platform

Crank arm lift can be divided into the straight arm type and the crankarm type two kinds, the curved arm type high - air platform USES the multi-level folding arm group

The design of the method is flexible and convenient. It can cross a certain barrier and carry out more work in one place. security

Sex is easy to move, but cost is long. The following are some of the four characteristics of the curved arm elevator.

First: new-type full-wave pressure self-propelled special chassis.

Zhengzhou lane machinery and equipment co., LTD. Developed a self-propelled high-altitude operation with completely independent intellectual property rights

The elevating platform car is used for the integration of electromechanical fluid, reliability design and computer aided design

A kind of all-hydraulic drive and self-propelled special chassis has been developed to break through the lifting and lifting of high-altitude operation in China

The platform can only use the car or crane chassis to modify the design limit.