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Elevator Installation Matters
May 08, 2017

1. Final product installation After the commissioning of the acceptance, there is rectification of the local timely and technical personnel contact, to ensure that the product to meet customer use.

2. Customers should be installed according to the time of the manufacturers to prepare welding machine, oxygen, cutting machine, electric drill, small tool manufacturers will be owned, large tools need customers to prepare for the installation, so that more quickly complete installation work, which is the common purpose of both sides.

3. Customers are picking up the product to move to the foundation next to the convenience of the factory installation personnel to carry out the installation work, the products are solid steel production, with the strength of the people is difficult to drag the product to the pit, so require customers as far as possible for the installation of convenience to accelerate work.

4. First of all, the customer must do the foundation work according to the manufacturer's request, for some cannot excavate the place except, after signing the contract manufacturers will be based on the specific size of the customer to do a pit drawings, customers should strictly according to the manufacturer's drawings for the construction, do not understand the place can consult the technical staff of the factory, concrete to do embedded parts so that the installation of the lifting machinery more firmly.

5. The installation personnel during the installation of the final tracking, which can help the installation personnel approaching the problem and can also enable the installation personnel to follow the needs of customers to install products, there is a problem in time to prevent the installation after the revision.