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A Manual Scissors Elevator
Oct 11, 2017

A manual scissors elevator uses a long handle much like a wrench. The jack user inserts the handle into a point on the jack bracket and extends or contracts it through the long horizontal bolt through the scissors. This type of receptacle is convenient in roadside situations; the other way is that when the vehicle is on the ground, the longer handle makes it easier to approach the jack. The best socket has an adjustable handle that allows the user to move the handle horizontally from one side of the ground to the other, and then turn the handle so as to continue to move the jack bolt in the same direction.

Hand scissors jack is usually used to raise a corner of a vehicle. The user positioned the socket behind the wheel and inserted the side of the vehicle into one side of the vehicle to work on a flat tire or damaged wheel. For more vehicle repair or maintenance, it's not just a regular manual scissors, jacks are good. Those who want to get into the bottom of the car should put in a sturdy, solid jack frame so that the car can be safely placed in a higher position. The user can lift the jack with a scissors, lift the vehicle, and insert the jack frame before moving below the vehicle to achieve better support.