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2017 Aerial Work Platform Industry Depth Analysis Report
Dec 15, 2017

Aerial work platform is an effective alternative to the traditional high-altitude operations, the more developed areas

Permeability is higher: The downstream applications of high-altitude work platforms include plant construction

Set up, venue construction, airports, municipal engineering, supermarkets and so on. Compared to traditional ascent homework

Way, with obvious safety and economy. 2 more developed areas, high

Empty operating platform market more mature. From the global market, the United States in 2015 high

Empty operating platform to maintain the amount of 600,000 units, the European holdings of 280,000 units in Japan

157,000 units and only 35,000 units in China. From the domestic market, first-tier cities take the lead

Starting in 2016, the holdings of equipment in Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Beijing increased by 6252,

1060,1387,858 units, accounting for 60% of the national increment.

Overseas is a highly mature market, at present in the early stage of development, high growth

Overseas: the global annual demand is around 60 billion yuan, which is mature

Period, the growth rate is steady. Domestic market: there are only 1.5 billion domestic market demand in 2016.


The field is in the lead period, high growth. 3. Domestic industry CAGR is expected to be in the next three years

More than 33%. The effective labor force in the high-altitude area of China is reduced, and the labor costs are large

On the rise, the economy of the high-altitude operating platform is becoming more and more prominent

In the period of 4500, 000-7000 yuan/month, the use of shear and arm type will be reflected

The obvious economy, the demand space is big, the annual compound growth rate is expected to be in the next three years

More than 33%. Product structure: from the perspective of product structure, foreign experience has been cut fork type

To the arm development process,

At present, the arm-type value of value is better. In Terex

For example, in 2016, the arm type accounted for 46 percent of the operating income of Terex high-altitude operating platform.

The cut is also 33%. At present, there are 40,000 high-altitude operating platforms in China.

The shear

In the form of about 33,000, it is expected that the proportion of arms-type products in the domestic market will gradually increase