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Working principle of several lifts
May 08, 2017

The types of lifts are broadly divided into the following:

1. Fixed-type lifts, which are powered by hydraulic cylinders and pumping stations, the form is a shear fork, according to the requirements of the customer design the length of the branch, the number of layers, the angle of the angle axis, through the expansion of the oil cylinder to complete lifting operation, his advantage is that the load-bearing capacity, lifting stability, high security.

2. Guideway type lifts, the structure is the oil cylinder straight top type, through the oil cylinder line running pull the drive chain, drive the Mesa lifting, completes the homework, the guideway type elevator is a kind of freight elevator form which is popularized in recent years, its advantage is higher lifting height than the shear fork type elevator, the operation is steady, the maintenance is simple

3. Aluminium lifts, unlike other forms, the material of this elevator is aluminum alloy material, light weight, more beautiful appearance, the disadvantage is light weight, only suitable for simple high-altitude maintenance work, can only provide 1-2 people of the entrusted operation.

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