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What could have caused lift equipment to fail to rise?
Mar 30, 2018

Causes of lift equipment not rising:

     Lifts are used to transport goods, generally in the vertical direction, so if the equipment fails to rise, it will have a big impact on the production process. Therefore, we must first find the reason why the lift does not rise in order to find a targeted solution.

     Through inspections, it was found that the lift could not be raised due to electrical reasons, such as the wrong phase sequence of the power cord, and the equipment itself lacked some protection devices so that the lift could not perform the correct action. In addition, damage to electrical components may also result in hydraulic failure. The main performance is that the equipment rises differently.

     It may also be caused by the damage of the emergency stop button, up limit or limit limit, so that the main contactor of the elevator or the contactor controlling the operation of the motor cannot be pulled in. In this state, the equipment rises to become Very difficult.

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