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Use lifts in spring
May 08, 2017

First, the lifting jitter is serious, this is because the temperature is low, the hydraulic oil viscous, the equipment is just beginning to run, the various components have not been well warmed up, so, in the first use should be ' warm-up ', is the test machine, this will have obvious effect.

Second, electrostatic phenomena, static electricity do not have to say, ultra boring, in the winter can be said to be a shadow, in the daily life is also very annoying, in the face of static, the best way to do aerial work is to wear anti-static overalls, before the operation of early discharge, prevent the lifting of the cargo elevator in the process of static electricity caused psychological panic.

Finally, the fuselage slips, in the north, there will also be icing, which should be noticed, because the elevator in the operation, should have legs open, when the ground, because in the winter, it is easy to freeze, the leg or tire is strictly prohibited in the friction of small places to prevent the occurrence of dangerous accidents.

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