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Reason for elevator jitter
May 08, 2017

There are some minor problems in the use of elevators, these minor problems must be found in time and eliminated as soon as possible, otherwise it will affect the normal work of the elevator.

1. Heavy load surface, the weight of the goods will be offset, coupled with large mesa equipment generally need to be equipped with more than 3 oil cylinders. Because of the center of gravity of the platform, so that the oil cylinder is uneven, hydraulic oil into the oil back to the speed of oil, such as the platform may appear jitter or Mesa tilt.

2. Bad oil also causes the pressure imbalance in the cylinder of tubing pumping station, can also cause the problem of mesa, or a long time use of oily produce problem, or the oily mixed with other things.

The oily deterioration, the tubing can produce a trace of blockage, so the pressure in the cylinder is not the same, the lifting speed must also use the impact.

3. The power supply voltage does not meet the needs of the elevator operation, the relay will appear intermittent contact phenomena, resulting in the lifting and lifting of the interruption, should adjust the input voltage in time.

4. Mechanical cotton, the rotation of the elevator part of insufficient lubrication caused the phenomenon of the card jitter should be lubricated in time.

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