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how to build a material lift
Mar 26, 2018

Material Lifts (formerly known as Freight Platform Lifts) are hoisting and lowering mechanisms normally classified as an elevator. They are equipped with a car which moves within a guide system serving two or more landings, for the purpose of transporting materials which are manually or automatically loaded or unloaded.

Material lifts without an automatic transfer device are either Type A (no persons permitted to ride) or Type B (authorized personnel permitted to ride).

Type B material lifts move material without automatic transfer devices and are limited as follows:

Access is restricted to use by authorized personnel

Speed not to exceed 0.15 metres per second

Travel does not exceed 7,600 millimetres

Operated only by constant-pressure control devices

Not accessible to the general public

Upper limit of travel shall be:

Level with the top floor; or

Level with the top landing where no floor is penetrated

They are permitted to serve one or more intermediate landings, provided that these landings have approved hoistway and interlocks.

Delta Elevator manufactures Type B material lifts only, for a variety of conditions and applications. Please contact the Delta sales department to discuss your specific needs.

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