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Fixed Lifting Platform Safety Operation Specifications
Mar 28, 2018

1.Fixed Lifting Platform shall be operated by designated operators of the workshops and warehouses after training.

2. Before using the lift, the operator should first check whether the doors of all floors and doors and car doors are closed. Then press the appropriate number of layers to be used on the summon box.

3. The elevators should be stopped at several levels in use, and the hall doors and car doors should be opened. After completion, the car doors and hall doors should be closed. Then press the number of floors that the goods on the summoning box meet.

4. After unloading cargo on the destination floor, you should close the car door and hall door to use the next or other floor.

5, operators should follow the principle of light open and close, do not beat the hall door, car door, reduce the chance of failure.

6. There is a red emergency stop switch in the call box at each level of the elevator. When the elevator has a fault or unexpected situation, it should immediately press the emergency stop switch. When using it normally, do not connect the emergency stop switch. Otherwise, there will be no display on the summon box and the elevator cannot be used normally.

7. For safe production, operators are required to use the lifts in accordance with the above procedures. If there is an abnormal situation, contact the maintenance personnel.

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