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Common problems in aerial work platforms
May 08, 2017

1. Question 1: Power LED is not lit

Inspect the wall socket for power supply, tow wire and plug line can be open.

2. Question 2: Platform Rise and rise weak

Overflow valve pressure conditioning does not fit the pressure to adjust to begged value, oil cylinder leakage check or change oil cylinder components, oil pump defective inspection or change pump.

3. Question 3: The initiator noise is very big, exhaust emission also exceeded

The initiator exhaust gas by high temperature attack oxidation, may incur aerial work platform exhaust system disclosed, listen to the initiator sound can abnormal, sweep the crankshaft tile burn or the crankshaft wear, or check the air intake door clearance can be too large, exhaust excessive, can have the phenomenon of burning oil, or excessive carbon accumulation.

4. Question 4: Power failures

Quick return valve, valve, power variable valve, reversing valve to show the dead, inside disclosed, the oil temperature rise too large check cooler can be defective, check the quality of hydraulic oil brands.

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